NCap Consulting provides consulting in the field of financial services predominantly providing advisory for Wealth Management & Family Office, Fund Raising / Investment Banking, Business Consulting and Real Estate.


The vision of NCap Consulting is to “Provide Pragmatic solutions to Complex Requirements”


NCap Consulting stands firmly with a Mission to create an unparalleled platform for all stake holders so as to create a healthy ecosystem for Budding Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Investors, Business Families and Product & Service Providers.


The global turmoil of 2008 has taught one simple lesson to the clients, that complexity created in financial service and financial products creates confusion and in turn this confusion and false complexity is sold as conviction and this leads to miss selling in financial services and butchering of clients by big financial services giants across the world.

 “Trust cannot be institutionalised” or rather trust is very vulnerable in an institutional format as the hidden interest of the constituents of the institution and growth pressures often affects the advice given to the clients.

With a simple and honest vision of creating a platform to decode this complexity for clients and help them choose right service providers, right products and right partners which will help them to manage money, raise money and grow/ expand businesses.

With its in-depth analysis capabilities and the experience of understanding client’s needs, NCap Consulting helps its esteemed clients to understand their needs correctly, avoid traps and avoid any incorrect hasty decision making for their Financial and Business needs.